and furniture

Integrating the many services and allowing for changing user requirements is a test for any laboratory installation.

Coupled with ever-changing laboratory standards and regulations, furniture design and construction must be carefully considered from the outset to produce a safe, flexible and functional workplace.

Engaging specialist experience is paramount to a successful laboratory building fitout.

KPD will build laboratories in collaboration with other architects and designers, assist with prototyping and design development of one-off designs, or help integrate Space Lab laboratory systems furniture according to project specific requirements.

We can also assist with budget estimates and the development of design specifications.

We have designed and installed laboratory interiors for some of Australia's largest research facilities and hospitals including Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the Walter Eliza Hall Institute.

"KPD were brought on board in the early days of the design for the new reactor and with our past experience in the use of their product, I recommended that their product be implemented within the project.

They have a very flexible, practical product that suit a whole range of our needs."

Greg James

Project Manager

ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)